How it began

When Mikee and Jo had their first child, they were soon quickly overwhelmed by research they had to do and decisions they had to make. As one of the first in their circle of friends to start a family, they felt that it was their responsibility to document and share their journey of learning. The first google document they co-wrote “Chenventures Layette List & Beyond” quickly became viral among their friends and friends’ friends. They continued to document many different aspects of their story from their “IVF Journey” to “3 Days in Napa Valley with kids” to “Why we met with a parenting coach”.

Mikee and Jo now have two loving, kind and fun kids and they continue to work full-time silicon valley jobs. Fueled by their passion to help others, Mikee and Jo continue to #haveadocumentforeverything. Their stories and hacks/“beta” (rock-climbing term) are typically focused at the intersection of work, life and kids.


The WLK logo very intentionally shows an imbalance in the pie chart. This symbolizes that it is impossible to have perfect “work-life balance” at all times. And you know what? That’s okay. Things will often tilt in one direction over another. Life will also undoubtedly throw you curveballs you can’t anticipate or plan for (aka shitballs). But WLK firmly believes that we’re a village — that the sharing of collective experiences (and failures!) makes us all stronger than we were if we went through it alone. Join our village.

WLK receives a small commission on some purchases made through posts. No pressure though, seriously.