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Corporate holiday gifts that don't suck

Corporate holiday gifts that don't suck

It’s that time of the year. I’ve seen no less than three people on various moms group ask for ideas. I went through my amazon order history and racked my brains as well for some of the best gifts we have given/received. At the bare minimum, the gifts should aim for utility — something people will definitely use. Most of these are under $30 which seems to be the budget most people have.


Left to Right: Wyzecam ($20), Jackery Bolt Power Bank ($40) and Tile Mate ($20)

Left to Right: Wyzecam ($20), Jackery Bolt Power Bank ($40) and Tile Mate ($20)

  • Tile Mate ($60 for 4 pack, but check that they ship in individual packages): These little gadgets help you keep track of stuff. I have one in my wallet so I can always track it. My biggest complaint has been that the batteries were not replaceable but now they are! If you work with a bunch of fitness enthusiasts, there’s also the waterproof sports version ($39).

  • Wyzecam ($20): We gave these away for a raffle one year and people were sooo excited. Generally speaking, they think home cameras are in the $200 range so it feels premium. We have two of these in our home, they come in extremely handy.

  • Jackery power bank ($40): This is out of the $30 range but if your corporate budget affords it, it’s my number one choice. Reason being it actually has a built-in charging cable for both iPhone and android! You can try to get your corporate logo on it but man, people will USE this. This was recommended by NY times and was given to us last year by our sister in law. If you need corporate branding on it, work with Anker directly.


These spoons look a little worn but I’ve had Jonathan Spoons for years! They LAST.

These spoons look a little worn but I’ve had Jonathan Spoons for years! They LAST.

  • Whiskey Oak Hand crafted small-batch smoked salts: Pair the smoked salt and sugar together and make anything taste amazing. Limited exclusive offer for worklifekids readers: 15% off with the code WORKLIFEKIDS (expires 10/31).

  • Utopian Kitchen Nut Butters: The quickest way to heaven is a spoonful of Chris’ hand-made Chocolate toffee crunch peanut butter. This has been a staple in our pantry and still a delightful surprise as gifts since they are relatively unknown (yet). Worklifekids readers also get 15% off with code WORKLIFEKIDS (expires 10/31).

  • Jonathan’s spoons ($20): I give a couple of these beautiful spoons every year and people always tell me how useful the notches actually are. The one on amazon are slightly smaller but you can buy the original sizes direct from their website.


  • Emergency sleeping bag ($9) and emergency seat belt cutter($9): and zippo emergency fire kit ($9) : Because everybody should have an emergency kit but nobody has one, including me. 😂

  • Ztylus ($29) Stinger Car Emergency Escape Tool Kit, Vehicle Crash Life Saving Multifunctional tool, Dual USB charger cigarette adapter.

  • Balega hidden comfort socks ($13): Bombas ain’t got nothing on these guys. Trust me. I’ve tried them both.

  • This is completely out of budget, but one year the company I worked at gave out Patagonia down vests. Best year ever!

Generic corporate

For close-knit teams

  • One year, we made these “year books” for our team. We had taken a bunch of photos at various events we brought to life as well as just silly goofing off pictures. It was definitely a favorite. And while it was under budget, it definitely took some time to put together. My favorite app was Nowvel. Made it completely on my phone hooked up to google photos!

  • Look on Etsy: You should be able to find something personalized that represents the team. Two years ago, we gave out “Get Shit Done Club” enamel pins to everyone. We wear it proudly on our backpacks now. Similar one at etsy. These small businesses don’t have too much inventory so make sure you get your orders in early.

One last thing…

Here’s the real question: Do we really need more stuff? What if the real gift was actually helping out others in need? Is there a cause that your team is really passionate about?


From the heart…

This idea came from my friend, Tara of Tara Hoover Design. Last year, she had a friend whose family was in puerto rico and desperately in need for light. She sent her clients a beautiful card telling them she purchased lights for Puerto Rico on their behalf. She also filled little plastic bulbs with red and green M&Ms and sent them along with the card.

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