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"Self-help" books our kids love

"Self-help" books our kids love

With Emmy starting kindergarten this year, we thought it would be wise to equip her with the right tools and frameworks for preventing and getting ahead of bullying. Asides from signing her up for kid power training, children’s books are also a great way to introduce them to scenarios, give them the language to talk about tricky situations and also to role-play and practice problem-solving. I noticed that Amazon has a sneaky promotion that is ending on December 21 so this is the perfect time to think about some of these books.

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  1. I am proud of myself: This books helps parents learn how talk to kids about their BIG feelings to know the exact words to help BOOST a child's self-esteem.

  2. My strong mind:  A story about developing mental strength

  3. Nobody!: A story about overcoming bullying at school

  4. The hundred dresses: For older kids, Eleanor Estes’s The Hundred Dresses won a Newbery Honor in 1945 and has never been out of print since. At the heart of the story is Wanda Petronski, a Polish girl in a Connecticut school who is ridiculed by her classmates for wearing the same faded blue dress every day. .

  5. Strictly no elephants: My favorite book that brings to life inclusiveness for children. It was a big hit when I read it at Emmy’s lit hour!

  6. Super Duper safety rules: Book that creates scenarios for parents to have discussions with kids around safety and “tricky people”!

    7. Siblings: You’re stuck with each other. This one in particular is focused on helping kids figure out the tensions that come with being siblings.  

And last but not least…


I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark

And this one was recommended by a co-worker. It does a great job of explaining the courts system and why equality is so important. It’s on our wishlist this year. The hardcover is about $11.98 on

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