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10 unexpected perks of getting a Peloton bike

10 unexpected perks of getting a Peloton bike

1. Earn $1200 worth of Lululemon gear every year

This is probably well known to the community but not as well known to newbies. Everytime someone buys a bike with your referral code, they not only get $100 off accessories, YOU also get $100 off fancy boutique gear. (And of course we are trying to help out of the goodness of our hearts). If you camp out on Peloton’s offficial Facebook page, you have a chance to give your code out to random strangers. Personally, I prefer to focus on my personal network.

The latest brand to drop a collection was freaking Lululemon. LULULEMON!!! Other brands I’ve seen: Fila, Rhone, 925 Fit, W.I.T.H., Under Armor and my personal favorite, Beyond Yoga. Their leggings are like liquid butter.


Act fast though - popular sizes sell out in hours. Just before they launch new collections, there’s usually a 30-50% off sale to clear the previous collections. Sizing usually limited though. And here’s the link to find your referral code. PRO TIP: Save it as your iPhone keyboard shortcut. You’re welcome!

2. Put your AirBNB on an A-list

Peloton riders will look far and wide for hotels and places to stay with peloton  when they’re traveling. There’s even a Peloton OnTheGo Facebook page dedicated to tracking vacation rentals that have them. The bike might actually pay for itself in the long term. Don’t forget to order shoe cages if you decide to do it. $50 shipped direct from Peloton but you’ll have to call it in. 

3. You make new friends


i know what you’re thinking - I don’t need new friends. That’s true until Denis Morton Or JSS finally moves on. You’re going to need a support network (more than 150k strong on Facebook) that understands what you’re going through. Who are you going to message that will understand the pain you’re going through? Most people don’t know this, but the community went into revolt when Nicole Meline and Steven Little left back in the day (Do her crescendo ride, and you’ll know why) TIA #AmyGael for when I have my next pelo-breakdown.

“Nothing sustains motivation better than belonging to a tribe. It transforms a personal quest into a shared one”  - James Clear, Atomic Habits

4. Brings friends and family closer together

Every Friday, there’s a flurry of text messages between my coworkers and I, as we plan and coordinate our rides together. Sure, we bond over shows we’re watching, but there’s nothing like pushing each other to new heights on live rides. One of my best friends at work, Hannah, left our team a few months ago. We don’t live close so we hardly get to see each other but she might have just dropped the best news on me - she’s days away from getting a bike. That’s some serious #friendshipgoals but do check out this moving story of how Peloton brought an entire family together.

5. You can share your Peloton membership with up to unlimited friends!

That is my number one strategy when it comes to referring people to peloton. Most people don’t know this - now, you can add as many friends you want to get access to all the classes you get access to. Think about your sister in Vermont or a coworker who is on the fence. As long as they have access to a stationery bike or a treadmill at work, they will get value out of your peloton bike subscription. For $39 a month, that’s incredible value!!! Especially now that yoga, strength, boot camp and outdoor running are also included. Fair warning that only three people can ride/run at the same time. (For most updated membership details, check here)

6. You can become a pelo-celebrity  

Ever hear JSS give a shoutout to #BunnyFooFoo? Or when Matt Wilpers congratulates #AngieVerb on her position on the leaderboard. They’re pelo-celebrities. Apparently that’s one of the big selling points of Peloton’s annual home rider invasion (HRI).  I would love to be able to meet John Mills (IG: runliftandlive) in person some day. He’s so entertaining that even HE gets featured on instructor’s instagrams! You could also start and nurture a tribe to try and gain followers. An up and coming tribe leader to make waves is #Bibi3Dragons, one of the ultra-motivating moderator of Peloton’s most supportive and uplifting tribe -  #SweaxySwarm. They have a strict no-assholes policy which is much needed, given the troll factor is quite high on OPP.

The Swarm is a PELOTON space for people to be themselves without fear of judgment!    This is a place to feel welcomed, appreciated, encouraged and pushed to be your best self!   We are ALL amazing, beautiful, crazy, strong, brave, funny and creative... We are individuals...   Share who you are, be proud of who you are OWN THAT SH*T!   Welcome to the Swarm! 

7. Your kids learn what it means to hustle  


I don’t hide my bike in the garage. It stands proudly in the kids playroom. I know right - I’m totally parent of the year! I have zero guilt about riding my peloton bike in front of my kids because they get to learn what hustling sounds, smells and looks like. They see mommy sweat, cry and give it my all. They see that health is important in our family. That’s why I also only do chores when they’re awake.

But if you really need to distract them, there’s the Peloton for Kids bike on Amazon, whose inventory was singlehandedly cleared out by Pelo-Moms on Black Friday.

8. Improve your marriage

As parents with young kids, there always has been tension about getting work-life-kids balance in our marriage.  We used to have  many conversations about who gets to go workout when. Now, we can share common goals (PowerZone Pack training!), gossip about instructors and encourage each other towards our goals. Our workouts of choices were very different for awhile (he climbing and me running) and it’s now nice to find something that we both enjoy that has literally zero overhead. It really is 2 for the price of one!

9. You become a part of something bigger

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 8.18.41 PM.png

Something amazing happened last week on the Official Peloton Facebook Page (OPP). In a bid to help pay for her husband's mounting medical bills, a rider, Laura, posted an ad to sell her bike on the Peloton community group. Another rider, Sher Ruiz, took it upon herself to galvanize the community to help raise funds for them. Their GoFundMe campaign was 100% funded in under 4 hours by members of the Peloton community. It even made the local news — Peloton community restores faith in humanity. This is one of many stories of how the Peloton community has rallied to #gofarthertogether and certainly made me proud to be part of it.

10. You can make money as a bike owner

  • If you have a barely-used gym membership, get rid of it. What you save in monthly membership dues goes towards you OWNING the bike. Remember it’s an asset, not an expense. The bike retains its value very well if you ever have to re-sell it for any reason. The $250 delivery fee is insurmountable for some.

  • Refer a maximum of 12 people per calendar year, earning $1,200 in referral credits. I’ve seen people sell them on this Peloton Boutique Buy/Sell/Trade group at 70-80% of it’s value. Do the math - that’s $800 a year! I haven’t done it myself but just reporting what I’ve seen. After three years, it’s the referral program that just keeps on giving. I’ve only been a owner for 6 months and I have made $1,200 in boutique credits! Their plan is working - I wear so much pelo gear it looks like I’m working for them.

  • If you buy a used bike, your starting cost is even lower which means your referral credits will go farther for you. Used bikes are frequently sold in the Peloton BST group.

How to find your referral code on your web browser. You can also find it in your bike console under “settings”.

How to find your referral code on your web browser. You can also find it in your bike console under “settings”.

P.S. 0% APR ain’t gonna last folks

There’s a reason why most riders say the Peloton bike is both a game-changer and no-brainer. Yes, the party line is there’s nothing like investing in your health. I totally agree but being fiscally responsible is also important to me. Here’s why I think what Peloton is offering is too good to be true: The interest rate for the installment plan is currently 0% APR. It’s unclear how much longer Peloton (Affirm) can keep up their 0% offer especially if Feds start raising interest rates.

Most of us already love our bikes and purchased them without any awareness of these perks. But knowing what I know now, I can’t see why anyone who is serious about getting healthy, wouldn’t get this bike. Ping me through this website if you need a referral code! I hope I’ve been helpful. 

WLK receives a small commission on some purchases through posts. No pressure, though.

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