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Roast a whole chicken in 30 mins

Roast a whole chicken in 30 mins

One of my favorite cooking hacks is to roast a spatchcocked (butterfly) chicken. You can get an entire chicken AND veggies roasted in under 30 minutes. I don’t bother learning how to butterfly it myself because I get the butcher to do it at the store, which cuts down the prep. Instead of just sharing the recipe, i’m sharing a TIMELINE recipe. Not sure if you’ve seen in done that way, but I find myself always re-writing them with a timeline so I hope this is helpful to you.


  • 1 spatchcocked/butterflied chicken (your butcher will do this free!)

  • optional: roast-ready veggies (Save prep time and chop these up the night before)

Timeline recipe

00:00 - Heat oven to 450F

00:05- Bring spatchcocked chicken to the counter

00:05 - Chop up veggies to 1” dice (I cut my potatoes slightly larger than my carrots)

00:15 - Heat up your cast iron or carbon steel skillet on the stove till it’s VERY VERY smoking hot

00:15 - While it’s heating up, season the chicken generously with salt, pepper and whatever seasonings you like

00:20 - Put the chicken skin side down on the skillet and let it sear till it’s a nice deep crusty brown. DO NOT TOUCH.

00:25 - Remove the chicken onto a plate temporarily, and line the entire skillet with your veggies. The veggies will soak up all the yummy chicken goodness and also acts as a “rack” for the chicken. If you don’t like fatty-yummy veggies, skip this step and put your chicken on a rack instead.

00:30 - Return the chicken ontop of the veggies and insert into the oven

01:00 - Check chicken doneness by inserting thermopen. It should be about 165F. Remove from oven.

*You can slice and serve chicken immediately or let it tent on a plate for 5 minutes.


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