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Disney Cruise Essentials Checklist

Disney Cruise Essentials Checklist

The essentials

As first time DCL (or any cruise) cruisers, we will stick to the basics for now. Given state rooms are small and there’s no where to go other than the ship, make sure you’re prepared.

  • Passports and printouts of itinerary and receipt

  • Luggage tags - should be sent to you by Disney a month in advance

  • Magnetic hooks for rooms - All walls are metal! Great way to create more space in the room and to be used with over-the door shoe organizer. Bear in mind that actually hanging over doors is prohibited.

  • Badge Lanyards so you don’t have to carry a wallet around.

  • Autographs books for kids (Princess, Mickey Mouse) or for something more practical, you can bring pillow cases with cloth markers instead.

  • Clip and drip hanger or clothespins to hang swimming suits

  • Pop up laundry hamper and detergent

  • Disney costumes for kids (Princess dress-up trunk for bibbity boutique experience)

  • Magnetic bulletin board to communicate with your group although the Disney Communicator app might make this obsolete

  • Disney attire (t shirts, Mickey ear headbands etc). I got some cheap t shirts from Uniqlo.

  • Spray sunblock (1 bottle a day! It is VERY expensive on board)

  • Swim gear, flip flops, goggles, sunglasses (Bring floatation devices is not permitted)

  • Sweater for the evenings

  • Formal attire (optional)

  • Pro-tip: Save money at the bibbity boutique by bringing your own princess dress from home!

  • Any prescription meds (Benadryl and Tylenol in our case)

  • Dramamine + sea band

  • When sharing close quarters with people, it’s a good idea to have a bathroom air freshener. Poo Pourri was highly recommended by my cruise group and #1 rated on Amazon. Spray before poo!

  • Portable sound machine or equivalent app for small rooms. Good news - ROHM has a great portable version now! This item may need to be checked by security.

  • All devices and respective chargers. Disney Wonder cabin’s have now been outfitted with USB wall outlets!

  • There are limited power outlets in each cabin, so a 6-port USB wall charger is very helpful if you have  many devices. Note that power strips are actually prohibited.

  • Or always have extra power on hand with  ultra portable power bank with built-in charging cables.

  • Make sure you have enough space on your phone for photos and tons of videos. And if you don’t want to worry, get the San Disk iExpand flash drive so you always have a zippy way to back-up and clear space off your phone.

  • One water bottle for each family member. Tap water is drinkable in the staterooms but the sinks are not deep enough to fill bottles. Fill up your bottles and/or soft bottles (1L)  at the soda dispensing machines.

  • Packaged snacks or ziplock bags to store food. Not available on board and no snack area.

  • Alcohol! Passengers (21 years of age and older) may bring onboard two bottles of unopened wine or Champagne (no larger than 750 ml) or six beers (no larger than 12 ounces) on embarkation day. Hand-carry only!

  • If you’re going to have to do transfers by car, consider the super lightweight ride safer travel vest. It’s a great alternative to the booster and can simplify your luggage siginificantly if you have 3-8 year olds. (full review here).

  • Travel game to keep the entire family occupied during airport time. Kanoodle is our family favorite.


  • Set an alarm for when the booking of day activities go live. If you’re late to the game, you’ll be left with undesired time slots.

  • Go straight to service desk to try and book stuff you missed out on. E.g. get early bibbity boutique appointment

  • On embarkation day, prepare a day pack including swim gear. It might take awhile for luggage to show up in the cabins.

  • Get a friend to check in for flight the day before you disembark

  • Pre-pay tips so you don’t have to wait in line at the end.

  • Book early for adjoining rooms! You can check out the cabin maps online to find those staterooms.

  • Double check the official DCL prohibited items list after packing. Things like glow-sticks, drones, flat irons etc are not allowed.

  • Plan your days ahead of time by scouting for the Personal Navigator programs archived online. As long as you’re not on the maiden cruise of the year, you should be able to get your hands on it!

  • If you have downtime between disembarkation and your return flight, look into bagbnb services. You can store a luggage for $6/day!

Making the most out of the Disney experience

Have a great trip!

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