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Top 20 Forever Toys

Top 20 Forever Toys

Forever Toys are toys that get used for a good chunk of one’s childhood, they transcend the time. They’re not all going to be cheap, you get what you pay for. But keep an eye out for Black Friday - ONE of these items inevitably get a deep discount at Amazon. They never get outdated and can be played for generations to come. Don’t go buy them yet though — chances are there’s someone in the family that’s hanging on to these items. Ask around, you never know!

(in no particular order)

  1. Lincoln Logs wooden edition, Made in USA

  2. Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Solid Wood Building Set with Tray (100 piece)

  3. LEGO medium creative set and Duplo creative set

  4. BRIO Deluxe Railway set, made with european birch wood

  5. Hape solar powered toy train or Hape remote control toy train*

  6. These german-made construction vehicles go from sand to water. Bruger cat-steer loader is my son’s favorite!

  7. Tobotrack 22 smart fun award winning track*

  8. Magnatiles 100 piece set

  9. Hape wooden kitchen and Melissa and Doug food groups

  10. Green toys tea set

  11. Their first camera! We love the vTech duo selfie camera because of how my daughter figured it out immediately. We are currently curating pictures for her first scrap book! If you prefer using rechargeable cameras, the powpro is recommended by reviewers.

  12. Jellycat stuffed animals (Our kids love them!) and the Boon Stuffed Animal storage bean bag to store them

  13. Costumes for role playing: Doctor, Astronaut, Fire Chief

  14. Antsy pants medium builder kit or tent set (BEST KEPT SECRET!). We use this often to build forts over their beds for bedtime too. It’s super versatile in what can be built.

  15. SainSmart puzzle *

  16. Math snap cubes

  17. Play Doh Play and Store table set

  18. Playmonster - peg building set

  19. Green toys sand play set

  20. A WOOM bike! (Read why below) If you’re worried about cost, you’ll get a good year or two on each bike before they outgrow it. These bikes NEVER go on sale so they have excellent resale value on Craigslist. You should get 70% back. Worst case, WOOM has a fantastic up-cycle program to help you get to the next sized bike.

Why WOOM? We started our kids (3 and 5 yo) on hand-me-down bikes at first. What I noticed is that the bikes were so heavy, it would crash their little legs down whenever they fell. And they also fell more often because it was harder to balance a heavier bike. As a result, they were often discouraged or crying. I did some research and discovered the lightweight woom bike and decided to give it a shot. After a few minute of biking drills, they were both able to ride the bikes without training wheels! I should add that there is NOTHING wrong with having them learn on a heavy bike. In fact, it can teach them more resilience and grit. If anything the WOOM bike is for me so I have an easier time teaching them. 😂 I'll teach them grit through other challenges. #pickyourbattles

*We don’t own these yet, they’re on our wish list!

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