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Foolproof birthday gift ideas for little kids

Foolproof birthday gift ideas for little kids

So when my daughter started kindy two weeks ago, we received invitations to four birthday party’s and she’s in a class of 25! There isn’t usually much guidance on birthday presents in the party invite so I asked around for ideas and looked through our stuff and kids wish list.

Here’s a list of some ideas that I think should I work for most anyone.

Unique gifts

Kritter klips (Finally, animal ears that stay on their hair! Easy Halloween accessory for you when kids outgrow it. Really high quality and handmade in SF)

Tobotrack 22 smart fun award winning track (saw this in Singapore but haven’t seen it much here)

We’re all wonders book (about Auggie) — love the moral of the story!

Disney Read Along CD book (get one of the latest releases like CoCo)

Zoku individual character pop molds (get it in their favorite animal!)

National Geographic little kids subscription (worth double checking with their parents) —

Tourist train museum guidebook (So my son LOVES this and he’s always telling me where he wants to go. As long as there’s a train lover in the family, child or adult, this will be a hit).

Lonely planet travel journal for kids (it’s on our wishlist we want one!!)

3M tape dispenser in Mint Green (Can I just say E went nuts when she got her own grown up tape dispenser?? Used daily by all of us, looks good on the counter and only $10!)

Learning resources math snap cubes (It’s educational! Teachers love these!)

Mobi The numerical tile game in a cute whale pouch!

Gifts that are okay having extra of

Fun Filled Summer Super Miracle Bubble Maker (thanks for the idea Laura!)

Melissa and Doug scissors skills activity book (They go through this fast! And a great thing to have on hand for play dates. They’re coming out with new stuff all the time so look around.)

Play doh starter set

LEGO junior fire patrol briefcase or look for a new release.

Crayola markers travel set

Grown up color pencils! Primascolor pencils, also beloved by E.

Laceez no-tie shoelaces

Lincoln logs 100th anniversary wood edition (Yup, these kits are small so we’re always running out! Have no kids why the tin is SO HUGE!)

Gifts for the entire family

Kanoodle game (I ALWAYS have a set of these at home because it works even for a gift for an adult, a white elephant, thank you gift. Anything! If you like puzzles, this is SUPER addictive and great for long car rides)

Visual analog Time Timer (Our kids actually love having their own timer so they know what I mean when I say “10 mins left”. It’s also the sort of thing where I don’t mind having one in every room! 😂)

Kids walkie talkie set (especially if there are siblings! So much fun)

We bought kids headlamps for them but somehow they just prefer the our adult ones. We don’t have this but it’s Amazon’s bestseller. Great to pair this with the walkie talkie for an adventure kit!

Gifts for if you don’t want to get invited again

i.e. Big and loud toys that kids love, parents hate and only grandparents get away with

Melissa and Doug Life-sized giraffe (😂)

V-tech race and learn (at least its educational?? Full disclosure. We have one. It was a reward gift.)

Fisher Price Think and learn smart cycle (I actually love this gift since I love peloton but it’s the sort of thing you should ask permission for. Yes, speaking to the grandparents! Came highly recommended by the pelotons mom group)

Antsy Pants Medium Build & Play Kit (we use this heavily in our home but I gave it to a friend who hates it due to the current/ongoing state of her living room. Thankfully, she forgave me and we are still good friends!)

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