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My favorite food hacks that hit the spot (recommendations)

My favorite food hacks that hit the spot (recommendations)

These three statements are true.

  • I love cheese, carbs and sweet stuff.

  • I can’t afford them (calorically) all the time.

  • I’ve found ways to cope with it. And here are my hacks.


A - King Arthur’s Vermont cheese powder

One tablespoon of this amazing King Arthur Flour Vermont cheese powder will create a light alfredo version of anything. I mix it into a bowl of stir fried noodles  or as a sprinkle on a wrap.

B - PB2 peanut butter powder

PB2 peanut butter powder is similar concept as item A. They’ve figured out how to ground out the flavor from peanut butter into a powder form. It’s a great sprinkle for anything you want to peanut butter without an excess of calories. I use it in smoothies to create chocolate peanut butter and also a fantastic add to peanut dipping sauces. Only if you can’t afford the fat though! But if you can, look no further. The best frigging peanut butter on the planet award goes to Utopian Kitchen.

C - Bragg’s nutritional yeast seasoning

Nutritional yeast has umami properties to it, just like cheese, so a light sprinkling of these will also impart some cheese flavors. I love it best on top of popcorn or on a salad. Bragg’s nutritional yeast seasoning has been the leader in this category. It won’t work to make into a sauce though.

D - Mio water enhancer

I’ll admit. I often get FOMO when coworkers head to the cafe to get a coffee or yummy beverage. I want one too but I know it’s a waste of my calories. A drop of my favorite MIO Sweet Tea Water Enhancer is enough to take me off the edge. I also love the berry promegante flavor. Yes, there’s stevia involved in case you have sensitivities.

E - JELLO-O sugar free pudding

So the good ol’ JELL-O sugar free pudding powder is kind of a gem. You don’t have to make pudding but you can pretty much mix it into anything for a little extra flavor. I sprinkle it every morning in my fat-free greek yogurt as a light vanilla dressing. Also a great addition to any smoothie.

F- Joseph’s lavash bread low carb

I’ve tried many a low carb breads and this is BY FAR, Joseph’s Lavash Bread is the best tasting one I’ve ever had. A gigantic lavash bread is only 120 cal at 18g of carbs. That is virtually unheard of! This is my go-to lunch these days and if you haven’t heard of lillie eat & tell “crunch wraps”, allow me to have your mind blown.


G. Carba nada egg fettuccini noodles & H. Thrive gluten-free wonder noodles

G. Carba nada egg fettuccini noodles & H. Thrive gluten-free wonder noodles

G. Carba-nada egg fettucini

Carba-nada fettuccini is my go-to when I am looking for a low-carb pasta option. It tastes good enough that my kids eat it. It’s pricey though, so I save it for myself when I am almost out of budget on carbs.

H. Thrive wonder noodles

I know, we’ve all tried the 20 cal “miracle noodles” or “shirataki noodles” and they were never quite right. I’ve been hopeful too and while most didn’t meet my bar for asian noodles, Thrive has gotten pretty darn close to their version of pad thai rice noodles. It will suck if you expect fettuccini, but if you’re thinking pad thai or chinese soup noodles - Thrive wonder noodles WILL hit the spot. They really need to re-brand though!
P.S. If you’re sensitive to the slightly fishy smell, definitely rinse it in hot salted water.

Fair warning…

If you’re one of those whole30 or paleo types, most of these items won’t meet the bar. But if you’re like me and try to eat everything in moderation, these are great hacks to have in your back pocket when you can’t afford to go all out. And before you judge artificial sweeteners, I recommend reading about the truth behind it.

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