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Father's day gift ideas that are not a big green egg or a drill

Father's day gift ideas that are not a big green egg or a drill

I’ve been scrolling through lots of mom blogs, curating ideas for a great father’s day gift. There are patterns - Big green eggs, big green eggs and more big green eggs. We don’t have one mostly because we are not big grillers. In case, you’re looking to break out of the mold, here are some ideas that really stood out!

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For getting the loud jobs done

This 3M worktunes wireless hearing protected headset is a gem. Not only does it protects your ears, it also allows you to tune in to your iPhone or AM/FM. I hope Mikee doesn’t read my blog because this is what I’m getting him.

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For those with smaller ears

We’ve been loyal customers of AfterShokz headphones for years now. They *never* fall out because it doesn’t actually goes inside the ears. If you ever heard him swear at his headphones falling out, this is it! Gift it with a specially curated Father’s Day playlist.

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A game-changing belt with a mission

The Mission Belt has been my husband’s wardrobe favorite for years. It has a ratchet design (not holes) so you can adjust with ease and precision. We never thought he would care for a properly designed belt until we discovered these.

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Socks with a face

For something more sentimental, Divvyup socks have been blowing up in the fb mom groups I’m in. I’ll admit it’s cute - custom socks with your kids or dogs face on it? I’d wear it!! Last day for your order is June 5th.

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Holy smokes, there’s a gun for it!

For dads that don’t have/want a big green egg, this Breville Smoking Gun is a great alternative hack. It quickly adds natural smoke flavor to food without using heat!

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Going the extra miles

It’s time to upgrade that suitcase. This suitcase not only has top-notch features, it also ships with a great travel charging bank/adapters. Dads LOVE this! I have a comprehensive review of why both hubby and I have fallen in LOVE away luggage. For $20 off your order, use my referral link.

A gift for him, that’s really for you.

Tired of his phone running out of juice, make sure he always has a back-up battery bank. We love our Anker 6000mAh power bank because it has a great balance of size and capacity. Also love the built in cables!


For paying back sleep deficits

I’ve blogged before about how weighted blankets have really improved my quality of sleep. For restless sleepers, this can be a fantastic sleep aid. Remember to get one that is 10% of their body weight.

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Australian work boots

My husband and I actually *share* a pair of these Blundstone chelsea workboots. You can dress them up, down or take it officially on your walkabout. So comfortable out of the box and easy to put on with front/back tabs. It’s also scoring major hip points now as it’s taking over SF.


The ultimate father’s day gift…

is also the ultimate Mother’s day gift. You already know that Peloton helped us turn our fitness around as barely-sleeping parents with toddlers. It’s not cheap, but with their 39 month 0% APR financing option, it was a no-brainer for us when we dropped our barely-used gym membership. Message me for $100 off your accessories.

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