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My favorite things under $10 (and $5!)

My favorite things under $10 (and $5!)

$5 ish

  1. Poo-pourrie deodorizing bathroom spray, travel size, $4.99
    One of the best things I brought on our recent cruise! It only helps to be considerate when sharing small quarters with others. 😂

  2. Koean Celavi individual sheet face mask, 9-pack for $8+
    The Koreans know their face care. Buy this 9-pack so you can save some for yourself!

  3. Neutrogena makeup removing towelettes, $5+
    A staple in my gym bag, always.

  4. Dove refresh dry shampoo, Amazon pantry, $5+
    Dry shampoo is another gym bag staple.

  5. Dr. Tungs smart floss, $8+ for 2
    I’ve converted EVERYONE who has tried this floss, including my dentist!!!

  6. Makeup brush cleaner “brush egg”, $4+
    Seriously, this is the way to get all that grime out!

  7. Styptic pencil, shaving stick to stop bleeding, $6 for 3
    I haven’t tried this yet, but i’m going to. Trusted by generations. Will come in handy as a cart-filler at some point.

  8. GE wall tap, extra wide adapter, perfect for travel, $4.99
    The husband recently got this handy gadget for our travels.

  9. Wet Brush Travel brushes, 3-pack for $12.99

  10. Wet Brush Hairbrush cleaner tool, $4+
    We are big wet brush fans but love the cleaner tool too!

  11. Silicone heart-shape pancake/egg mold. $4.99 for 2
    We use this all the time to make breakfast more fun!

$10 ish

  1. Lucas paw paw ointment ointment for anything, $7+
    I use this for almost everything - dry skin, lips and cuts.

  2. Bug bite suction tool, $9.95
    This is waiting to be used for our upcoming trip to Asia. My blood is sweet like honey.

  3. Maxsoft scalp massager, $7+
    I use this to make sure we get Emmy’s thick hair/scalp super clean. It feels really nice too!

  4. ILNP holographic nail polish in Juliette, $10 + shipping
    Totally in love with their nail polish!! Love this Vegas-born company.

  5. Temple tape sports headbands men/women, $7+
    I discovered this through Peloton and is now my favorite sports headband.

  6. Goddess Garden Kids SPF50 Mineral sunscreen stick, $8
    Passed my white-cast test on the kids face. It’s a new company so give them some time to ramp up on their reviews!

  7. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Stainless Steel Instant Read Oven/Grill/Smoker Monitoring Thermometer, $7+
    Everyone should have one of these in their ovens. Our oven is off by 20F!

  8. Buffway Slim RFID blocking travel wallet, $10+
    Universally appealing gift!

  9. Buttermilk ranch spice by Penzey’s Spices, $10.95
    I use this religiously on our family staple crack chicken recipe. It’s MSG-free and can be used to transform any dip.

  10. Maldon sea salt flakes Tin, 3 for $.9.99
    I use Maldon on any of my baking endeavors. A great one for any baker especially because of the retro-looking tin!

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*Prices current as of April 14, 2019

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